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Slovo a smysl 17 / Word and Sense - - | ... Bibliografie příspěvků časopisu Slovo a smysl/Word ans Sense v číslech 11-22 SLOVO A SMYSL 22 — ROČNÍK XI — 2014 ... Editorial | Slovo a Smysl ... . WORD & SENSE 22 — VOLUME XI — 2014 Contents Editorial — 9 ... in 17th-Century Czech Hymnography? (An Interpretative Sketch) Slovo a smysl/Word and Sense . By A. Cosentino. Abstract. Rivista scientifica pubblicata dal Dipartimento di Letteratura ceca e critica letteraria dell'Università Carolina di Praga Year: 2017. OAI identifier: ... In this, the sixth issue of Word and Sense, we have tried to highlight the c ... Slovo a smysl : časopis pro mezioborová studia = Word & sense. ... . OAI identifier: ... In this, the sixth issue of Word and Sense, we have tried to highlight the contexts of literature, its boundaries, and the ways in which we can move beyond it.One cornerstone in the architecture of this issue is the approach of Yury Lotman, who, in addition to literature - his own much-beloved subject - also took an interest in its context: the cultural semiosphere. Ethnolinguistics (sometimes called cultural linguistics) is a field of linguistics that studies the relationship between language and culture and how different ethnic groups perceive the world. It is the combination between ethnology and linguistics. The former refers to the way of life of an entire community: all the characteristics that distinguish one community from the other. Slovo a smysl (v angličtině Word & Sense) je časopis pro mezioborová bohemistická studia, který vydává Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy.Časopis je spjat s Ústavem české literatury a komparatistiky a vytváří prostor pro dialogy a konfrontace různých teoretických koncepcí a metodologických pozic v literárněvědném bohemistickém kontextu. Marci Shore (born 1972) is an American associate professor of intellectual history at Yale University.She specializes in the history of literary and political engagement with Marxism and phenomenology.Shore is the author of Caviar and Ashes: A Warsaw Generation's Life and Death in Marxism, 1918-1968, a milieu biography of Polish and Polish-Jewish writers drawn to Marxism in the twentieth ... France], Slovo a smysl / Word & Sense (Prague, Université Charles), n° 23, 12e année, printemps 2015, pp. 187-191. ... znaků a symbolů — viz Rioux 1997, s. 17-18. 2 K pochopení tohoto pojmu nesnadno přeložitelného do češtiny, který ani ve francouzštině není jednoznačný, navrhuje Dominique Kalifa tři zásadní významové ... The period of the German occupation, the 'Böhmen und Mähren' Protectorate and World War II constitutes a specific cultural, social, intellectual, as well as emotional and affective 'space' of confrontation with extreme states and experiences — which are then variously articulated and shapes by art, as well as reflected in art theory and philosophy of art. The eighth issue of Word and Sense bears witness to how reflections on culture and literature can be inspired by recent trends in linguistics that focus on human cognition. These trends emphasize, for instance, conceptual metaphor; physical modes of expressing concepts; linguistics and the mind; categorizations; a general anthropocentrism of language; and questions of universal and cultural ... SLOVO A SMYSL 23 — ROČNÍK XII — 2015 Obsah Úvodník — 7 Studie ... SLOVO A SMYSL 23 — ROČNÍK XII — 2015. WORD & SENSE 23 — VOLUME XII — 2015 Contents Editorial — 9 Studies „The Ear Besieged": War and the Transformations of Sense-Perception in Modern Literatura....


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