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...ts moving, molten iron core, its poles aren't stationary and they wander independently of each other ... Earth's magnetic field is acting up and geologists don't ... ... . Since its first formal discovery in 1831, the north magnetic pole has traveled around 1,400 miles (2,250 km). Define magnetic pole. magnetic pole synonyms, magnetic pole pronunciation, magnetic pole translation, English dictionary definition of magnetic pole. n. 1. Either of the two ends of a magnet at which the field of the magnet is most intense. The magnetic north pole just isn't where it used to be. Ever since James Clark Ross first identifi ... North Magnetic Pole - Wikipedia ... . The magnetic north pole just isn't where it used to be. Ever since James Clark Ross first identified it on the Boothia Peninsula in Canada's Nunavut territory in 1831, scientists have been ... If geologic history repeats itself, Earth's magnetic poles should eventually swap places. This much is undeniable. Based on the magnetic fingerprints locked into ancient rocks, we know that over ... Earth's magnetic north pole has drifted so fast that authorities have had to officially redefine the location of the magnetic north pole. The extreme wandering of the north pole caused increasing ... Magnetic lines of force near Earth's surface become twisted and tangled, and magnetic poles pop up in unaccustomed places. A south magnetic pole might emerge over Africa, for instance, or a north pole over Tahiti. Weird. But it's still a planetary magnetic field, and it still protects us from space radiation and solar storms. Magnetic north shifting by 30 miles a year, might signal pole reversal The magnetic pole is moving faster than at any time in human history. The south magnetic pole is also moving, though at a much slower rate (6-9 miles, or 10-15 km a year). This rapid wandering of the north magnetic pole has caused some problems for scientists and ... There are different ways of defining magnetic poles, which are different from the geographic poles. The geographic poles are the points where the axis the Earth rotates around meets the surface, and are antipodal (symmetrically opposite) at +/-90° latitude.. The most common understanding of magnetic poles is that they are the positions on the Earth's surface where the geomagnetic field is ... Magnetic pole definition is - either of two small regions which are located respectively in the polar areas of the northern and southern hemispheres and toward which a compass needle points from any direction throughout adjacent regions; also : either of two comparable regions on a celestial body. The North Magnetic Pole Is Shifting East, Fast NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Nature reporter Alex Witze about a rapid shift in the Earth's magnetic poles. 3-Minute Listen. Toggle more options ... Two poles of the same type will push away from each other. The poles are said to repel each other. South. This is the south pole of the magnet. It will repel the south pole of any other magnet. South. This is the south pole of the magnet. It will repel the south pole of any other magnet. The Magnetic North Pole (also known as the North Dip Pole) is a point on Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada where the northern lines of attraction enter the Earth. A compass needle rests freely in its casing so it can maneuver itself. When you pull out a compass, ... The problem lies partly with the moving pole and partly with other shifts deep within the planet. Liquid churning in Earth's core generates most of the magnetic field, which varies over time as ... It's a bit confusing, but the north pole as far as the Earth's magnetic field is concerned is a con...


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První české vydání iniciačního textu surrealismu v kongeniálním překladu Petra Krále. Knihy, již André Breton a Philippe Soupault společně vydali roku 1920, je inaugurální text surrealismu, v němž zároveň dosud působí skeptický humor a radostný nihilismus Dada. Jeho české vydání, k němuž tu konečně dochází, snad konečně pomůže zkorigovat předpotopní představy, které u nás o surrealismu a „automatickém psaní“ – jehož jsou Magnetická pole prvním programovým příkladem – dodnes panují.

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